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Middle East Post Box provides your business and sales team with high-quality, direct-enquiry leads, freshly generated and specific to your product.
Why Use Direct E-Marketing?
Email has proven itself to be a fast and efficient communication vehicle
Easy to track for effectiveness
More responsive than other forms of direct marketing
Highly cost effective in reach
What can it do for me?
Generate instant leads and increase sales
Get new customers in new markets
Drive web site traffic
Create brand awareness
Develop CRM through customer retention and customer acquisition
What is Opt-In E-Marketing?
Delivers message to targeted audience
Effective since message is delivered to a receptive audience
Customers have given their consent to receive information about products and services
All recipients have confirmed their intention to receive specific information
Why Middle East Post Box?
Dedicated portal for Opt-in-Email marketing and SMS advertising in 14 Middle East countries
Cost effective targeted direct marketing for effective results.
Complete tracking reports available for monitoring response